María Dolores González

Translation Services


Specialised Translation for the Biosanitary Industry

For all you translation, editing and proofreading requirements, you can trust the quality and professionalism with which we carry out our job as intercultural mediators. In the medical translation environment we have a wide experience in:

  • Informed consent forms
  • Patents
  • Brochures for medical products
  • Protocols for clinical trials
  • Patient guides
  • Case and control studies
  • Papers for publishing
  • Abstracts
  • Instruction manuals for medical devices
  • Patient information leaflets and summaries of product characteristics for drugs for human or veterinary use

We take special care on choosing the correct terminology; we have a vast database with documentary resources and we are well versed in the composition traits of the medical field.

Contact us to have your documents analysed so we can assign them to the best translator for your needs.