María Dolores González

Translation Services


Specialised Translation for Audiovisual Projects

Audiovisual translation has made great strides in the last few years. We offer you the chance to reach new markets and all kinds of audiences through the spoken word. Whether it is a corporate video or some cinema or television material, you can count on us for all your needs in the following domains:

  • Dubbing and dialogue writing
    We are specialised in translation for dubbing purposes, and in making a translation which feels natural and does not distract the audience from what they are watching. We are also able to offer dialogue writing services for your translation, so that the document can be sent directly to the dubbing studio.
  • Subtitling
    Add subtitles to all your audiovisual products and enable your audience to enjoy the original subtitled version. We'll make sure that your message is transmitted in other languages and that all subtitling standards for the Spanish and Galician language markets are met.
  • SDH Subtitling
    Make all your audiovisual products accessible to everyone. Allow us to analyse your videos and create subtitles for the deaf and hearing impaired, which will let you take steps towards a design available to all.
  • Audiodescription
    We offer you our audiodescription services for blind people, available for any audiovisual product. You can count on us for detailed descriptions that will help these audiences to better understand the products you offer.
  • Respeaking
    Why not also add subtitles to your live programs? Contact us to learn about this technique for your live audiovisual projects.